The trade division of “DEGEORGIO GROUP” was founded in 2015 under the fresh brand “DEGEORGIO TRADING”. The company’s mission is to promote and popularize goods produced in Georgia. The main export destinations at the moment are the CIS countries (Ukraine, Russia and Belarus). Beside that our team actively working over entering the Baltic markets, at the moment our most potential partners are Lithuania and Latvia.

DEGEORGIO TRADING able to supply for export any type of goods and products that are produced in Georgia. Quite a few of the Georgian products are authentic and unique (for example, wine, spices, sauces). Each year potency and Georgian export figures are growing, so as do we. Our company is specialized in export of fresh fruits and vegetables.


Organic fruits and vegetables are grown in Georgia, the supplies of which are seasonal. Depending on a season, blueberries, peaches, nectarine persimmon, lemons, oranges, tangerines, kiwis, Feijoa and etc. are available from fruits. Vegetables and greenery are available almost all year around from greenhouses.

Upon a request we will provide you with detailed information and rates for any product produced in Georgia. Due to the fact that our team has developed a flexible approach to business, each request is considered individually. We overview and take into a consideration the specificity of the product, delivery destination, the Buyer himself and other details and factors.